A Powerful Lead Response Tool

Leads are the Name of the Game - but a Lead Response Speed Wins!

​You work your butt off to generate leads for your business. Your Lead Response Tools should treat these leads like gold. And instead, what happens is they get delivered to your inbox where they sit for an hour, two, three or even an entire day - or longer! Look, we're all busy, but NOTHING is more important that that $2000+ sale that is sitting in your inbox! There is only ONE way to guarantee that you WIN the leads game. And that is to be FIRST.

In lead response metrics, as it is with Ricky Bobby..."if you're not first, you're last."I have a lead response tool that will guarantee...yes GUARANTEE that you will be first to your leads. Because while that leads sits in your inbox, your prospect is out there looking at your competitor's website, checking out their pricing, and filling out the same contact form for their information. When you use Game Changer, you interrupt that pattern and you get the lead on the phone immediately! That is how you win!

Lead Response Tools Prove Time is Critical did a study on response times and here are some critical facts:​

  • Odds of making contact with a lead increase by 100x if contact is attempted within 5 minutes (vs. 30 minutes).
  • Odds of converting a lead increase by 21x if attempted within 5 minutes (vs. 30 minutes).​
The Proof is in the Numbers:
  • A 100x increase in contact ratios has a dramatic effect on the value of each lead.
  • A 21x increase in your conversion rate can take your business from under-performing to incredibly successful!

Your Competitors are Leaving the Door Open!

Research shows that the most businesses are waiting an AVERAGE of 8 hours - IF they are responding at all! For you to have an immediate response to your website leads, you are getting a HUGE advantage over your competition!

Lead Response Tool - Response Times are critical
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